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listbox.js screenshot

Listbox.js is a simple jQuery plugin that provides a more powerful alternative to the standard <select> tag. The main problem of <select> tag is that last one isn't flexible for customization with CSS.

Listbox.js solves this problem. This component runs on top of <select> tag and creates an alternative to the last one based on <div> tags. It opens up great possibilities for customization.

In addition, this component provides the search bar which would be useful in lists with a lot of items.

Source code is available on Github


Link the component and a stylesheet from your page.

<!-- jQuery should be already included -->
<link href="styles/jquery.listbox.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="js/jquery.listbox.js"></script>

Call listbox() method for necessary <select> tags.

  $(function() {
      'class':        'myOwnClass',   // this class would be added to the list
      'searchbar':    true,           // show search bar
      'multiselect':  false           // don't use multiselect list


For appearance customization you should use the following CSS classes.

/* <div>: component container */
.lbjs {}

/* <div>: container for the list items */
.lbjs-list {}

/* <div>: list item */
.lbjs-item {}

/* <div>: disabled list item */
.lbjs-item[disabled] {}

/* <input>: search query input box */
.lbjs-searchbar {}